New England Citizens for Right to Work is a grassroots citizen action network of New Englanders dedicated to the principle that no worker should be forced to join a union or pay union dues just to get or keep a job.

Today, hundreds of thousands of New England workers are forced to pay union dues or fees — or be fired.

But forced unionism is not just a freedom issue, because forced unionism is utterly strangling the economy of New England states.

Compared to forced-unionism states, Right to Work states enjoy a tremendous advantage in both job creation and real income growth. This means that working families here in the Northeast have less to spend on diapers, groceries, vacations and the various basic needs of everyday life.

New England taxpayers also bear the brunt of forced unionism in the form of fewer jobs, higher taxes and worse public services.

We believe in ending forced unionism in all its forms by passing state Right to Work laws, ending union-only monopoly bargaining and banning union-only “project labor agreements.”

To that end, our first priority is to educate Right to Work supporters and the general public about the forced-unionism issue.

Then we mobilize. We give our supporters the tools necessary to pressure their elected officials and candidates, with the ultimate goal of passing Right to Work.

New England Citizens for Right to Work is a voluntarily funded organization and works closely with the National Right to Work Committee to end forced unionism in New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont.