Lee Carter

Can Virginia Wash Its Hands of 2020 Follies?

Organized Labor Power Grab Could Fiscally Destroy Old Dominion

Virginia is currently a Right to Work state, but 2020, pro-Union Democrat Del. Lee Carter attempted to repeal the Right to Work law. Fortunately, the National Right to Work Committee stepped in and was able to stop his actions, protecting the rights of Virginia workers. But that doesn’t mean Union allies are slowing down in their efforts. Other Union Bosses are stepping in, trying to increase taxes for everyone. The National Right to Work Committee is determined to win this fight though, and will do everything in their power to stop forced unionism from taking over.

In the National Right to Work monthly newsletter, NRTWC Vice President John Kalb speaks out, concluding with this statement:

The fact is, sound fiscal decisions necessary for good governance are all the harder for states that authorize monopoly bargaining, even in more normal times.

Vice President John Kalb in the National Right to Work Newsletter

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