Union Boss Common Sense

New Hampshire Union Bosses Defy Common Sense

One of the striking things about Union Bosses in New Hampshire is that they don’t seem to have any common sense. They continue to claim things that are simply untrue. Many of them argue that people prefer to live in a state that falls under forced unionism, but when we look at the data, the numbers show otherwise. This makes perfect sense, especially given that on average, people make more in Right to Work states. In addition, forced-unionism states are on a steady decline.

In an article posted by the National Right to Work Committee, they review the census data from the most recent years, which indicate that people actually prefer Right to Work. Right to Work states are simply better, and that’s just common sense. It’s time to give the people what they want, and to fight for change!

From the National Right to Work Committee’s Monthly Exposed Article:

U.S. Census Bureau (BOC) data show that, when they have a choice, working-age Americans prefer not to live in a state where forced unionism is still permitted.  They would rather live in a state that protects employees from compulsory union dues and fees.  Today, there are 27 Right to Work states, including five that switched over to Right to Work since 2012.

The National Right to Work Committee

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